Chenille Heart Table Toppers

Spring? We’re still looking at snow on the ground here in the midwest, so I can’t exactly say that spring is in the air – but Valentine’s day is coming and that does tend to give people a ‘spring’ feeling for a few days.

With that in mind – I thought this might be a good time for a new valentine project. So here it is, and I hope you enjoy it!

Chenille Valentine Table Toppers and Hot Pads

In addition to your sewing machine, you will need:

  • 2 yards of a pink/red plaid homespun fabric
  • 2 yards of a solid pink or red fabric (I used pink)
  • 1 Olfa Chenille Cutter
  • 1 acrylic ruler
  • Erasable fabric marker/pencil
  • Heart Template (I made a free-hand template that measured 13”x 18”)

Cut the solid fabric into two one-yard pieces.

Cut one of the yards of solid fabric in half (so it becomes two pieces, each 45” x 18”), set the other one-yard piece aside to make the bias tape later.

Cut your homespun plaid into 4 pieces, each 45” x 18”.

Layer the fabrics as follows: 2 layers of solid pink, with 4 layers of plaid homespun on top. Remember to keep your right sides up on all these fabrics.

For those who have not read my blog post on dealing with prints when making a chenilled fabric, I suggest checking that post out now: Chenille Baby Blanket.  If you want the plaid to show properly, you need to stack the plaid fabric pieces so the print will match.

Once all fabrics are stacked to your satisfaction, pin the layers in place and using the acrylic ruler, mark your first stitching line for your channels. If you are making your first piece of chenilled fabric, please see this link for more information on stitching channels: Make Your Own Chenille.   Make your channel stitches ½” apart for this project.

Channel Stitches

Channel Stitches

Chenille Cutter

Chenille Cutter

Once all your channels have been stitched, select the foot of your chenille cutter that best fits into the channels (not too tightly or loosely) and cut through the top four layers of fabric in each channel. (In other words, you are only cutting through the four pieces of plaid, not the solid.)

Cut out your two hearts – mine measured 13”x 18”.

You should also have enough fabric to make two potholders – I made mine 8”x 9”, but they can be square if you want.

Using the layer of solid pink that was set aside previously, make a bias-cut seam binding and bind each of the pieces, you may want to leave a loop on the pot holders to hang them.

Finally, wash and dry your projects to allow the chenille to ‘bloom’.

Interested in more about making chenille fabrics?  Check out these posts:

Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing

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