Fabrics and Quilt Options for Fall 2017 Retreats

Hello everyone!

Fall retreat season is nearly here, and I look forward to seeing you soon in Minnesota (Ormsby), Nebraska (Ashland), Kentucky (Carrollton), and Iowa (Indianola).

The upcoming retreat in Kentucky will feature two quilt options: Bear Paw or Delectable Mountains. For these options see the registration form.

Retreats in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa feature two different quilt options: Suburban Skies and Cornerstone Log Cabin.

Quilt Option 1: Suburban Skies

The Suburban Skies quilt utilizes a bright and fun collection full of movement by RJR Fabrics. If you want to create a more modern quilt at your retreat, this is the one you’ll want. Here are the 24 fabric options . . .



Quilt Option 2: Cornerstone Log Cabin

Most quilters have made a log cabin quilt or included cornerstones in a quilt, but we’re going to combine the two. The second option is a variation of a Cornerstone Log Cabin using beautiful grays (left) and browns (right) by Paintbrush Studios. A new, yet classic quilt.


A full list of fall retreat dates, locations, and registration forms are now online at SheilaReinke.com.

See you soon!

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