Free Tips on Fabric Napkins

Now that my Easter table-runner and placemats are done, I needed to finish the set with some fabric napkins. As you will see from the notes below – this can be a very quick project that yields excellent results.

When I make fabric napkins I always use the product “Wonder Tape”. The product has a ¼” paper attached to one side of a double-sided tape.

For making napkins, I take the Wonder Tape and place it at the very edge on the top side (right side up) of the fabric. I stop taping ¼” in from the ends which will become the corners.

After you have put the tape on all 4 sides, go to the ironing board. I fold the edge over ¼” and iron, leave the paper on the double-sided tape while you are ironing. After I go all the way around once, I turn a second time ¼” hem and iron as I go.

Now go to your sewing machine, unfold your pressed hem and take off the paper off one side at a time as you sew your ¼” hem. Because the tape holds everything in place as you sew your fabric doesn’t shift as you sew (which would leave puckers). Instead it lays very flat and you can sew around the napkin in no time at all. Note – you can note that you can sew right through the tape and it won’t gum up your sewing machine.
You will have a beautiful hem when you are done – without getting a major headache in the process!

Next – make coordinating Napkin Rings!
To make the napkin rings, I used the fusible Peltex cut into strips: 5½” X 1¾”.

Cut the fabric for the rings into 4” wide strips. You will then lay the Peltex strip down in the center of the fabric. Iron to fuse the Peltex. This will provide strength and shape to the rings. As you can see, I left a small space and simply fused all of my Peltex onto one piece of fabric, then I went back and cut each strip to size.

Stitch down the center to hold the fabric to Peltex after pressing. Overlap the two ends and hand stitch the ring closed. Add a fabric yo-yo made with the ex-large yo-yo maker and a leaf.

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Now you can make your own napkins in no time – just imagine the possibilities! And feel free to share your ideas!
Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing

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