Yo-Yo T-Shirt

clover yo-yo makersHancock Fabrics has started carrying a great new product – called the “Quick” Yo-Yo Maker from Clover Manufacturing. These tools are a great improvement over the old-fashioned way of making fabric yo-yo’s where we learned to make circular yo-yos, using a cardboard template and nothing to support the fabric as you stitched around the circle.

yo-yo maker These new yo-yo makers are reusable, and come not only in four different sizes of circles, but you can also make heart and flower yo-yos! Even a novice with a needle will be able to turn out great yo-yo’s because all you have to do is follow the guide on the template (see image at right – the holes are the guides you use for stitching). They are designed so that you come out with a perfect shape every time. When I first got this product, my 6-year old grandson helped me make some yo-yos. These are great for kids to use – they work like a sewing card, just make sure the child is old enough to understand the needle is sharp.

Fabric + Yo-Yo Makers, create lots of fun!

But, when you add finished yo-yos, and a plain t-shirt, then you get great FASHION!
plain shirt

What can you make with a few yo-yos? Check back with me next week, to see some other great ideas – and I’d love to hear what you’re doing.

Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing

2 thoughts on “Yo-Yo T-Shirt

  1. Karen Skeens says:

    Hi Sheila,
    I love your yo you shirt and want to make one for our Disney scrapbook event….I have made lots of yo-yo’s but what is the best way t attach them to the tshirt….that is where I am stuck…I am not really a seamstress!!!!


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