DYK (Did You Know) – Dritz Pins

D.Y.K. – Did You Know?
Here is some information I thought might be helpful to you in trying to select the right pins to use for your next project. Data was provided by the Prym Dritz company and then re-worded to fit my format.

You need to pin two items together – but what type of pin to use? What makes a Quilting pin different from a Ball Point pin? Why do you need Dressmaker pins? I’ll help you sort out the confusion!

  • Prym Dritz Ball Point Pins
    • Size 17 – 1 1/16” with metal head
    • Size 20 – 1¼” with colored plastic head
    • Tip rounded for knits and lingerie fabrics
  • Prym Dritz Long Ball Point Pins
    • Size 24 – 1½” with colored plastic head
    • Designed for use with medium-weight knits
  • Prym Dritz Quilting Pins
    • Size 28 – 1¾” with colored plastic head
    • Great for basting quilt layers together, as well as multiple layers of fabric for other projects.
    • Long length – for loose weaves, synthetic furs, plush and bulky fabrics and trims
  • Prym Dritz (Collins) Quilter’s Glass Head Pins
    • 1⅜” long – with colored glass head
    • Head is designed to be heat-resistant
    • Fine shaft (.5mm), ideal for machine piecing and use with delicate fabrics
  • Prym Dritz (Collins) Flat Flower Pins
    • 2” long with flat head.
    • Designed for lace, eyelets, lofty fabrics, and home décor.
    • Flat head is great for pining together fabrics that will be cut with a rotary cutter (head will not distort the lay of the ruler.)
    • Flat head is made of a no-melt plastic (perfect if you need to iron pinned fabrics.
  • Prym Dritz Bridal & Lace Pins
    • Size 17 – 1 1/16” with metal head
    • Rustproof to prevent damage to fine fabrics.
    • Extra-fine shaft for use on delicate and lightweight fabrics.
  • Prym Dritz Dressmaker Pins
    • Size 20 – 1¼” with metal head
    • General-purpose sewing pin.
    • Designed for medium-weight fabrics.
  • Prym Dritz Long Pleating Pins
    • Size 17 – 1 1/16” with metal head
    • A fine shaft with a sharp point for pleating.
    • Great for use with delicate fabrics
  • Prym Dritz Beading Pins
    • Size 14 – ⅞” with wide metal head
    • For use with open weaves or beading
  • Prym Dritz Sequin Pins
    • Size 8 – ½” with metal head
    • Extra-short pin, with fine shaft
    • For hand appliqué, crafts and use with sequins.
  • Prym Dritz Silk Pins
    • Size 17 – 1 1/16” with metal head
    • Rustproof for use on silk and synthetics
  • Prym Dritz Extra-Fine Satin Pins
    • Size 17 – 1 1/16” with metal head
    • Can be used on satins and other medium weight fabrics.

    Why do pins have different points? – The sharp points are designed for the majority of fabrics, while ball points (rounded) will slide between the loops of knits without snagging or pulling.

    What pins are best for using with a tool that applies heat? – Flat flower pins are designed with a no-melt plastic, and the Quilter’s Glass Head pins are heat resistant.

    What types of metals are used in pins? – Nickel-plated steel pins are designed for magnetic pin cushions, and are rust resistant. Stainless steel pins are rustproof, brass pins are rustproof. Nickle-plated brass pins are rustproof and will not tarnish.
    Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing

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