Continuing to ‘Turn 20’

Yesterday, I told you about the great book “Turning Twenty”, and introduced you to the author and quilt designer, Tricia Cribbs. Today, I want to share some quilts from the 2nd and 3rd books in the series, “Turning Twenty… Again”, and “Turning Twenty Around the Block”.


The basic premise remains the same, in a Turning Twenty quilt, you turn 20 fat quarters into a quilt top.

For book two, “Turning Twenty… Again”, you cut your fat quarters into 11 different shapes, then you mix the fabrics around to make every block look different. Here is my creation from that book, I choose to go with darker fabrics for this quilt, but if you look at the book cover above, you see how bright and ‘springy’ a quilt with this pattern can be.
Quilt Size: 64½” X 80½” – with optional 6½” border it becomes 76½” X 92½”

20 Again Quilt

For book three, “Turning Twenty Around the Block”, I made a quilt that was primarily black and white, with red accents. This quilt was taken with me to several different shows, expos, and seminars. And it seemed that everywhere I went, someone wanted to purchase the quilt from me!
Working with the buyers from Hancock Fabrics, I selected fabrics and helped put together a kit of fat quarters that would recreate the feel of the quilt everyone loved so much. The kit is designed to be sold as a companion to the “Turning Twenty Around the Block” book, the kit does not include a pattern with it.

The fat quarter kit – please note it does not include instructions


A closeup of the fabrics in the kit (this time without the glare from the shiny packaging)

With this third book in the series, you are still making the quilt out of fat quarters, but instead of cutting them into 10 or 11 shapes (as in the last two books), this time you cut your fat quarters into 12 different shapes. Then the fun comes – you mix up the fabric pieces and make every block with different fabric combinations just as with the other books.

One difference in the third book – for this quilt you will need an extra 1½ yards of focus fabric for the center of the 20 blocks and you will need 1¼ yd of fabric to make sashings or corners on each of the blocks. The size of the finished quilt is: 72½” X 88½”.

Check out the book for examples of other color combinations and ideas for the centers of the blocks, as you can see on the cover, one suggestion is to put an image such as Sunbonnet Sue in the focus blocks. There is even a pattern to make a ‘Reduced Fat’ Quilt – finished size 34½” X 42½”
This quilt is a finished size 72½” X 88½”

Around the Block
A picture of the finished quilt – this is the quilt that can be made with the fabric kit available at Hancock Fabrics


A closeup picture of the quilt

Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing

2 thoughts on “Continuing to ‘Turn 20’

    • sheilareinke says:

      I prefer to use a variety of 20 fat quarters – I think this gives the most visual appeal. However, the pattern will of course allow you to use whatever number of different fabrics you want.


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