DYK (Did You Know) – Olfa Chenille Cutter

D.Y.K. – Did You Know?
About: Olfa Chenille Cutter

Olfa has answered all the problems that we as crafters have had with other chenille cutters. They really did listen to the challenge we had with other products for making chenille. In this post, I’ll explain what makes the Olfa Chenille Cutterdifferent, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to use it! Information in this post is a mixture of my personal experience using the cutter, and information sent to me by the Olfa company.

  • Feet
    • First, they added 4 different feet around the edge so that when you sew your fabric channels you can make them 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, or 5/8” wide.
    • It helps to pick the foot that fits the tightest in the channel because then you don’t have to guide the cutter down the center of the channel when making your chenille, it will automatically go down the center since it fits tightly.
    • Once you have decided which foot to use turn the black knob (red arrow) to the left until the blade opens by the foot you want to use. The fabric you don’t want cut (your base) goes under the foot, and the fabric that you slide over the foot will be cut.
  • Blade
    • The blade works much like a letter opener, in that the blade does not move as you cut, it stays stationary.
    • The blade is very sharp (thank goodness it has a carriage to protect our delicate hands) and you can cut a lot of fabric before it does get dull.
    • When it does become dull, you turn black knob to the right (where the black arrow is) until you hear a soft click. Now you will have a fresh section of blade to use.
    • The blade has a total of 24 cutting sections that can be used. This is an advantage over a regular rotary blade and cutter – if you get a dull spot on a rotary blade, the entire blade must be replaced. I think you will find that this method prolongs the life of the single blade.
    • When it is finally time to replace the blade, on the back of the tool there is a black clip you pull back. Put the new blade in – push the clip back into place and you are ready to go again.

See what I mean? They really did think of everything!
The rest of this week we are going to be showing some fun projects made with the chenille cutter – feel free to let me know about what types of things you have made with your own home-made chenille!

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2 thoughts on “DYK (Did You Know) – Olfa Chenille Cutter

  1. grandma80026 says:

    I made 5 baby quilts and they turned out just fine….the chenille “bloomed” and looks great. I used cotton and flannel. I tried to make placemats using a pretty cotton fabric. I layered the back so the pattern would show up..I used the same fabric for each layer. My problem is that it didn’t “Bloom”….I washed it twice and put it in the dryer several times and the fabric just lays flat…..I am disappointed as I thought the cotton would work…..


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