More Spring Garments

Well, I’ve been visiting Hancock stores again, and found a small crop of garments that I couldn’t wait to share with you… hopefully these will help you to find some inspiration as well!

Dress Trio

As I walked through the store, this trio caught my eye. You may recognize the blue dress on the left side, that’s been shown previously on my Flickr pictures. But the others are completely new to me, and together, they looked very cool and ‘spring like’.

Green Spring Dress

Green Spring Dress – McCalls Pattern #5380
This cute and light-weight dress was made using the Tutti Frutti Plisse’ fabric currently being featured at Hancock Fabrics stores around the country. I think this would be a great dress for a swim or beach party (assuming that you didn’t want to wear your swimsuit instead). The sleeveless look would be nicely accented with a jacket, or wear just as it’s shown here.

Bright Blue Dress

Bright Blue Linen – Top: Sandra Betzina Vogue Pattern #7636 -Skirt: McCalls Pattern #2029
This simple outfit is made using a bright blue linen. Looks like the perfect ‘everything’ outfit to me! Can be dressed up or down with a few simple jewlery choices. You can’t see it very well in the picture, but the pin on the lapel is an Easter Egg pin – cute!

Blue Suit

Light Blue Suit – Butterick Pattern #5047
This outfit at really shows it’s charm in person, the picture simply cannot do justice to the diagonal detail of the skirt. Suit is made of a light blue suiting fabric – a great outfit for the office when you want for a professional, yet feminine look.

Ribbon Top Dress

Ribbon Top Dress – New Look Pattern #6468
Now here is a fun and simple dress for just about any event you might want to wear it to. The fabric is a rayon challis print, so will be comfortable in that warmer weather. The pattern is labeled as “easy to sew”, should be a great dress for a novice seamstress.

Ribbon Close Up

Here is a close-up of the top of the dress, notice that a ribbon has been used to make the straps and to detail the front of the dress. Button holes are used to weave the ribbon in and out, and then a nice bow is tied at the front of the dress (a suggestion is to secure the final look of the bow with a few stitches so you don’t have to re-tie it all the time).
Well, looks like I need to get some sewing done – some great ideas here, now I just need to turn a few of these into pieces in my wardrobe! How about you?
Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing

Spring Garments – Part 2

As stated yesterday, I’m looking for that feeling of Spring right now, and found some garment displays in Hancock Fabrics stores recently that has helped restore my faith that warmer weather is coming!

Dressy Trio

Walking into one store, I was greeted by this attractive trio. These outfits fit that dressy/casual look we all crave in the early part of the spring. More detail on each dress is listed below.

White Suit

White Pant Suit – Suit: Vogue Pattern #1021, Blouse: Palmer/Pletsch McCalls #2818
This white linen suit has a polyester blouse (red with white polka dots) to accent it. Here is a ‘power suit’ that not only makes a statement, but is feminine without being frilly. The closure on the front of the jacket is hook and eye tape, just sew the tape into the seam and you have an instant front closure! Decorative frog closures could be used for a different look.

Black White Dress and Jacket

Black and White Dress with Jacket – Jacket: Simplicity Pattern #3797, Dress: New Look Pattern #6676
The Jacket is made from black linen. The original pattern calls for the jacket to be unlined, but the seamstress Bev chose to line it, which gives the jacket a little extra body. The dress was made from a gauze print, would be a cool dress to wear for an outdoor event in the hot weather. I can just see this at a summer party, the jacket allows you to dress it up, or it can be removed to make the dress a bit cooler.

Knit Top and Skirt

Knit Top and Skirt – Top: Simplicity Pattern #3837, Skirt: New Look Pattern #6843
This is another great pattern for a top, the pattern has 6 different styles which can really help any wardrobe. The top was made from a black knit fabric, and a red and black knit was chosen for the skirt. Bev, the seamstress, suggested using a stretch needle in your machine to make the sewing easier. Also, using a serger helped make the project a snap to make.

Pinstripe Jacket

Pink and White Pinstripe Jacket – Kwik Sew Pattern #3529
You can never go wrong with a pinstripe jacket for spring and summer. The details in this pattern add character to the jacket. Jacket has ¾ length sleeves and white buttons down the front. The seamstress said this pattern would be for what she calls an ‘advanced beginner’ – but not real hard to make. Unfortunately, the detail of the fabric was hard to capture with my camera, but it is a fine pink and white pinstripe that runs vertically (of course) down the jacket.

Grey Linen Suit

Grey Linen Suit – McCalls Pattern #5329
A great suit for lunch out with the girls! The lined Jacket is made from an embroidered linen and the skirt from solid linen. The original pattern for the skirt was not lined but Barb, the seamstress, decided to add a lining. Barb mentioned to remind you to pick up a new needle for your machine when you start a new project, and she said that she always the Schmidt needles. For this project she used a Schmidt size 12 needle.

Green Jacket

Green Jacket and Pants – Easy To Sew Simplicity Pattern #3506
This would be a comfortable outfit to take on vacation – can’t you just see it for a day on a cruise? Top is a green linen solid and the top and pants are made from a challis fabric. These fabrics will make for a cool and comfortable outfit for any type of casual day wear.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of Spring. Taking a small break from projects – but I’ll have something new up very soon! Write in and show us what you’ve been doing to get your wardrobe ready for spring!
Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing