Turning Twenty goes ‘Zany’

I was looking at some recent models that have gone up in Hancock Fabrics stores, and was surprised to find one that had used the “Turning Twenty” book series – right after I put up my posts on the books!

But what really captured my attention was the bright, colorful, and somewhat wacky prints that were used. Then I realized these fabrics were all part of one collection, the new ‘Zany Garden’ fabric collection in Hancock Fabrics stores now. So I thought this was a great time to tell you a bit about those fabrics, and to show off some items that have been made with them.

Zany Quilt

First, the quilt. You can see why it captured my attention! Just imagine this as a quilt for a young teen girl – or for a woman who wants something other than the traditional color choices we often see. The colors are bold and exciting, and while the patterns don’t seem to go together at all – they really do work in harmony when brought together.


Here are some closeups of the quilt, the first one actually shows two of the quilt blocks in the picture. Can you see how they work together?




As you can see, the patterns are simple enough to work into almost any quilt that needs a ‘pop’ of color.


Another place I have recently seen these fabrics is in an apron. The pattern is by Simplicity, pattern #3818.

This picture shows a better close-up of the fabric detail. (Stripes are not easy to photograph well for a computer!)

Sleep Over

And this picture (taken at a bad angle, I know) shows the Zany Garden fabrics used in a night-shirt and sleeping bag. Pattern: Kwik Sew #3551

These are a few of the ideas I’ve seen for this collection, but there is so much more that could be done. A quilted book cover or small bag for a book that you frequently carry with you, a memo board for the game room, almost any type of accessory for a playroom for the preschool crowd! There are so many ideas – have you seen these fabrics yet? If so, have you made anything? We’d love to see some pictures!
Sheila Reinke, Heart of Sewing