How to Use Your Fabric Stash to Make Scrappy Quilts

As a quilter, I love working with new fabrics, and I love designing new quilts for our Spring and Fall Quilt Retreats. But each winter, when the holidays are over and we begin to hibernate inside, I like using up scraps from my fabric stash.

How to Make Scrappy Quilts

This year, I repurposed fabric from several scrap bins into three queen-size quilts. In previous posts, I shared tips for:

Now we’re ready for the big reveal. Are you ready to see the final quilts?


And here is a photo that shows how I used fabric scraps for the backs of the quilts. I like how the different designs turned out!


Here are a few close-ups of the quilt pattern on the fronts:

And a few close-ups of the quilt patterns on the backs:

Our Winter Scrap Fabric Challenge is done…does that mean that winter is done as well? Well, not quite. But at least we have a few more finished quilts to keep warm!

Now that I have emptied some of my shoe boxes of fabric scraps, I thought I would repurpose the shoe boxes. So here’s a quick survey. Help me decide what I should fill the boxes with:

High heels?




Or more fabric scraps?


I like the way you think. More fabric scraps it is!

Thank you for joining us for this blog series on quilting with scraps. What ideas would you like to see next? Share your ideas–and your own scrappy quilts!–in the comments.

😀 Happy Quilting!

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